My frequent collaborator, Eric Hunter asked me last year to consider composing as a way of better understanding my passion for music. After considering his requested, I came to realize that to me the words and music are so intertwined in my expression, that I can't help but think of the dictates of the words first and how the composer chooses to set them second. This lead to a return to the long dormant process of writing my own poetry.

I took a poetry classes in college, and attended a summer poetry writing course during high school.

"Winter Sun" is the first poem I shared with my good friend, Eric Hunter.
Eric set the piece to music and we had the great fortune of having it featured in a cabaret performance in January 2013. Heather Meyer premiered the work with Eric at the piano at Opera America sponsored by Operamission.

Since that time I have started a blog to log my poems, musings and creative outpourings.
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